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  • How do I arrange a lesson?
    Simply get in touch with us by calling to arrange a lesson. Alternatively you can fill in your detail in the Get in Touch box and we can arrange to call you back.
  • How do i pay for the lesson?
    It is simple and easy to pay for lessons. Once you have established what you would like to learn i.e Pay as you learn 1 hour lesson or 2 hour lesson. We will arrange a time and date for your lesson. After the lesson you can choose to pay: By Cash Bank Transfer (this will be taken 24 hours before the lesson) Direct Debit Visa Debit / Credit card
  • How to re-arrange a lesson?
    Simply get in touch with us 48 hours before your lesson: Last minute re-arrangemt may not be possible due to scheduling. More than two re-arrangments will be treaded as a no show and charged as a missed lesson. Lesson should be re-arranged by phone! That's it!
  • How to cancel a lesson?
    Get in touch within 48 hours before your lesson. 1.Phone to arrange a cancelation 2. You will be charged a fee for the cancelation, due to lose of time & earning for the Tutor. 3. Cancelation due to bad weather will be re-arranged when possible. Students that have canceled without re-arranging will be charged a cancelation fee. 4. Missed lessons will also be treated as canceled lesson. 5.Thats it! Please read our terms and condition for more information.
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