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Lesson Guide

Lessons have been grouped into stages, allowing students to track their progress.*


Lesson guides will allow students to prepare for each lesson in advance helping them to both revise before & after each lesson.* A score is kept from 1-10 for each lesson .

Only when the student feels confident on a lesson and can demonstrate a competent level of understanding & practical skill will the next lesson / stage be completed.  Hints,Tips and common faults are available for each lesson.*

Click on one of the lessons below to view lesson guide!

Stage:1 Beginner

Stage:2 Intermediate 

Stage:3 Semi-Independent 

Stage:4 Full-Independent 

Stage:5 Test Ready 

*Each student is treated as an individual, this lesson guide is to assist the student in their learning. Some students may require more or lesson time to complete each lesson. The numbers used in the lesson guide are for reference purposes only and have no correlation to the actual number of lesson a student is on or may need. * Lesson guides & Hints, Tips and common faults are available for students to purchase individually or part of a package or course. Click here to find out more!

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